St. Peter Parish was founded more than 150 years ago to serve German immigrants in Cleveland. Many current parishioners can count ancestors among those early members of the parish.

The parish underwent a significant revitalization throughout the 1990s, continuing up until the parish was closed in April 2010. Following a successful appeal to the Vatican, the parish officially reopened on September 9, 2012.

Although much remains to be done to heal the hurts experienced in recent years, a small band of committed parishioners is working together with the new pastor, Fr. Robert Kropac, to revitalize the parish, and to grow its membership and ability to minister in the downtown neighborhood.

The parish is blessed with an extraordinary building for worship, and the same confidence in God that must have been with those who not only shaped and re-shaped the building over the years, but also shaped and re-shaped lives!

Mission of St. Peter Parish

We are a joyful, intentional urban Catholic parish

continuing a tradition of

welcoming all,

inspiring worship

 and transforming lives.

Core Values of St. Peter Parish


Humble simplicity is at the heart of our sacred space, our worship,

 our focus on what’s important in why we are here.

Honesty and Authenticity 

Everyone has a voice that is heard about anything.

Everyone can be authentic.

     Shared Responsibility

We all are accountable and empowered to be of service

  to one another and to the wider community.


Each person has the freedom to help build the community.